The Book of Mormon in C.T.R.
Printed in Jerusalem, Israel by Ayalon Printing

The purpose of the Book of Mormon in CTR  is to help
LDS members(Latter day saints) and Mormon
Missionaries study the Book of Mormon. It is an effort to
focus on spiritual Mormon studies. It is a study guide for
rmons(Latter day saints).

Text has been underlined with colors  in the Book of
Mormon to reference who is speak and words have been
colored to reference who those words are referring to.

The reason for this is to make the Book of Mormon
easier to understand. This process is called C.T.R (Color
Text Referencing) It took eight years to put this together.
The index, chapter headings and footnotes were not
included as per the copyright laws.

This is a visual aid meant to allow the readers to focus on
what's being said and the spiritual meaning of the Book
or Mormon instead of getting lost in who is saying what
and who they are speaking to or about.

My reason for creating this was to help my morning
studies on my mission as a Mormon missionary, I am
such a visual learner that I need something like colors to
visually point out who it talking. I kept this to myself for
awhile but friends convinced me that others could benefit
from it as well.

So here it is for those who it would help. I have kept the
costs down as much as I could(printing every page in
color isn't cheap) Oddly enough a company in Jerusalem
Israel offered to do the printing. It's strange how things
workout some times.

-Rhett McDermott
Book of Mormon in CTR
Color Text Referencing ©
William Rhett McDermott
Copyright © 2006 here All Rights Reserved.

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